Faqs - Full List / What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  Planning Permission is generally related to the appearance of the proposed development and the effect that the proposal might have on neighbouring properties. Each Authority has usually adopted its own Development Plan which lays down certain criteria of what is acceptable development within the Borough. This can vary, not only between different areas, but also within its own boundaries.  Not all eventualities are covered by the Development Plan and can therefore be open to interpretation by the Planning Officer, senior Officers, and if the proposal goes before the Planning Committee can also be overruled by local Councillors.  Planning can therefore be a complex issue and we would therefore suggest you take advice on your proposals but bear in mind that there are instances that even if your neighbour has had a proposal approved, that is no guarantee that your proposal will be approved as the Development Plan could have changed, the neighbours could have had Permitted Development rights that you may not have or even just a different interpretation by another Officer.  Advice can therefore be given in broad terms but is always subject to final approval by way of Planning Permission being granted.

Building Regulation approval is related to the safety, adequacy and environmental impact of the proposal including provisions for heat loss.  Building Regulations have grown immensely over the years to such an extent that some of the regulations are contradictory and therefore open to interpretation.  Again, it is only when Building Regulations approval is granted (along with the Planning Permission) that it is advisable to start work.  Both Planning and Building Regulation considerations should be given for any building work.  Please contact ConstructAid on 01708-228684 for further advice or your nearest Planning or Building Control Department. Alternatively you can email any questions via our Contact Us page

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