Measuring of the Site – is it necessary?

It is most important to bear in mind that the plans are drawn on a small scale for the purposes of applying for Planning Permission/Building Regulation approval.  The Builder/Contractor must take accurate measurements on site before commencement of any work and before any materials are ordered.   Any discrepancies are to be reported to ConstructAid who can provide further advice at that stage.

Advertising on this Site – On what basis can this be viewed

All advertising on this site can be viewed by following the Links which will usually open the advertisement in another window.  All advertisers have no connection with ConstructAid and are there purely for the purposes of providing information that may be of interest.  By clicking on the links to these advertisers, you are agreeing to do so on the basis that you should make you own enquiries as to the suitability of any product and as these are external sites to which we have no control, that you do so at your own risk.

What do your plans look like?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  You will find a few samples of our plans on the Examples pages of our webite. If you would like a PDF example of a particular type of plan, please contact ConstructAid on 01708-228684 and we will be happy to assist. You can also see examples of our plans by visiting the Planning section of the London Borough of Havering website and look at the Planning application or decision search. Just enter ‘ConstructAid‘ as the agent and you will find a number of examples of our previously submitted plans.  We can also bring some examples with us on request prior to any site survey.  If you wish to discuss our plans in general you can also Email us via our Contact Us page

Where can I find advice on new products?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  You will hopefully find our Blog Pages (opens in new link) a useful resource tool. Here you will find general advice on new products, environmentally sustainable products and possible developments in planning legislation and other resource material.  Do let us have any comments if you find any particular product or service to be good or bad. We look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to see something in particular featured in our Blog please Contact Us – we would love to hear from you

What areas do ConstructAid work in?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  ConstructAid are based in Upminster in the London Borough of Havering and our work is mostly based on a 25 mile radius of this area. Other areas have been covered, by arrangement – contact ConstructAid on 01708 228684 or email us from our Contact Us page (opens in new link) for further advice.

How Long is the process likely to take?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  Once you have instructed ConstructAid to draw the plans, we aim to complete the drawings within 2-3 weeks, dependent on the complexity of the work involved and current work levels.  We will advise you of a more accurate timetable during our visit.  On submission of the plans, if Planning Permission is required, there is a statutory 8 week period for a decision to be reached. Building Regulations approval much depends on the complexity of the proosal and also varies dependent on the Local Authority. Delays can occur, for example, if Structural Calculations have to be approved by the Authority’s Structural Engineers. Call ConstructAid on 01708 228684 for further advice or you can email us on our Contact Page

What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval?

ConstructAid LinksAnswer:  Planning Permission is generally related to the appearance of the proposed development and the effect that the proposal might have on neighbouring properties. Each Authority has usually adopted its own Development Plan which lays down certain criteria of what is acceptable development within the Borough. This can vary, not only between different areas, but also within its own boundaries.  Not all eventualities are covered by the Development Plan and can therefore be open to interpretation by the Planning Officer, senior Officers, and if the proposal goes before the Planning Committee can also be overruled by local Councillors.  Planning can therefore be a complex issue and we would therefore suggest you take advice on your proposals but bear in mind that there are instances that even if your neighbour has had a proposal approved, that is no guarantee that your proposal will be approved as the Development Plan could have changed, the neighbours could have had Permitted Development rights that you may not have or even just a different interpretation by another Officer.  Advice can therefore be given in broad terms but is always subject to final approval by way of Planning Permission being granted.

Building Regulation approval is related to the safety, adequacy and environmental impact of the proposal including provisions for heat loss.  Building Regulations have grown immensely over the years to such an extent that some of the regulations are contradictory and therefore open to interpretation.  Again, it is only when Building Regulations approval is granted (along with the Planning Permission) that it is advisable to start work.  Both Planning and Building Regulation considerations should be given for any building work.  Please contact ConstructAid on 01708-228684 for further advice or your nearest Planning or Building Control Department. Alternatively you can email any questions via our Contact Us page