What are your fees likely to be?

Answer: Fees of ConstructAid depend upon the complexity of the job and quotations are available on request but can start from as low as £275.00. Price includes at least two visits, for the initial consultation and another to obtain your approval to the plans prior to submission to the Local Authority. Our fees will, in most cases, be quoted on our initial visit, but complex proposals may be on an individual cost basis. We will then provide a maximum likely cost of our fees if applicable to you. Our fees include minor amendments required by the Planning Department, but should major alterations be required by Planning, we would have to charge an additional fee for the work involved. ConstructAid would normally also include within our fee any amendments required by Building Control. Copies of the plan are provided for your builder to provide an estimate and on approval of the plans, a further plan for the builder/developer to work from. Additional plan copies are available, but we may make an additional copying charge. Please call ConstructAid on 01708-228684 for further advice on ConstructAid’s fees, or Email ConstructAid via the Contact Us page