In the News: A 14 foot House built in a tiny gap!

So you’ve got a small plot of land on the side of your house going to waste, or maybe a piece of land roughly 14 foot wide between a pair of semi-detached houses? As was reported in the Daily Mail today, this was the situation up in Manchester. The locals were horrified to find that Manchester City Council gave planning permission for the house to be built between a pair of semi-detached houses, leaving a 4 inch gap either side. The neighbours are not happy as the houses now resemble a row of terraces and have complained at the possible problems with rats and litter.

Although the residents’ concerns are justified, it is often the case that residents’ opinion against a proposal is not enough to prevent planning permission being granted. However,it is somewhat surprising in my view that planning permission was granted as the approval produced a ‘terracing effect’ of the adjoining houses, something that planners are usually against. The new property also obscures a window on the gable end of one of the houses.

I believe that The house is well designed and does look in keeping with the other houses. It goes to show that if a planning department “like” a development, there is sometimes little that can be done by the local residents to prevent approval being granted, sometimes even after letters of objections and protests by disgruntled local residents. More important to planners is for the proposal to comply with the local planning policies and to be in keeping with the local neighbourhood.

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Sue Robinson

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