Channel 4’s useful site for loft conversions, renovations etc

Just seen this website with lots of useful ideas on loft conversions, renovations, extensions and other renovation works. Useful info too on boilers, the Party Wall Act and other useful resource material. Well worth having a read if you’re requiring inspiration or just some general information!

Channel 4 Advice on loft conversions

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  1. Looking for a Party Wall Surveyor?
    We ensure the party wall process is easy and straightforward, with no hidden costs to you. Party Wall Surveyors provide expert party wall advice for all party wall matters. We have experience and expertise in a diverse range of party wall issues and can help you in connection with a diverse range of projects, from domestic extensions, to large commercial developments.
    If you require Party Wall Act Advice, we can offer the following services:
    If you are the building owner and are carrying out building works
    • We can help you identify exactly which neighbouring properties fall within the scope of the Party Wall etc. Act.
    • You can instruct us to serve party wall notices.
    • We can prepare and agree a party wall award, (sometimes also referred to as a party wall agreement).
    • We can produce a schedule of the condition of the neighbouring properties, to ensure that you are not held responsible for any pre-existing defects.
    If you are an adjoining owner and your neighbour is carrying out building works
    • We can advise you of your rights under the Party Wall etc Act.
    • Ensure all controls are in place to minimise the risk of damage to your property.
    • Monitor the building works and identify any damage to your property.
    • Note, under the Act, the developer is required to pay our fees on your behalf.
    • Check with your Local Council for Planning Permission
    • Get an injunction if Building owners fail to serve a notice under the Act
    We therefore work to the highest standards and you can be rest assured of the best party wall advice from a UK firm of leading party wall surveyors. All areas covered
    For initial consultation with a party wall surveyor or to get the party wall process underway immediately, call us now on: 0845 519 2576 UK Coverage
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  2. Party Wall Act 1996

    This IPWS guide offers advice to homeowners and property developers about party walls (the walls you share with your neighbours):
    • What is a party wall?
    • What do I have to do?
    • The Party Wall etc Act
    • What if there’s a dispute
    • What is covered by the Act
    You are required by law to inform all adjoining owners if you are proposing to carry out work which would include the following:

    • Work on an existing wall shared with another property
    • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
    • Excavating near a neighbouring building
    IPWS Party walls National helpline
    The helpline will put you in touch with an experienced, local IPWS member who will provide you with up to 30 minutes free advice.

    Contact: Tel: 0845 5192576 or Mob: 07727 014154 24hr helpline
    The advantages of using an IPWS member are:
    • They give you clear, impartial and expert advice
    • They protect your interest via the correct administration of the legal process
    • They are tightly regulated and have strict codes of conduct to protect you – including proper insurance
    • IPWS members have to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, so you can rely on their expertise
    • You are further protected by a complaints service
    For further information and advice please contact The Institute of Party Wall Surveyors (IPWS) on Tel: 0845 5192576

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